Memories in the Making

You are living your story.

Do you plan to leave a device full of thousands of images for your kids? I hope not!! Honor the memories your family is making now by preserving the moments that matter for later. We’ve got myriad ways to gather your photographs—and stories—to create books that feel modern and substantive.

So get those family photos off your cell phone! Don't let them live exclusively on Facebook or Instagram (please!). Explore some of our Memories-in-the-Making offerings below, including milestone (and mini-milestone!) books, bespoke travel and wedding albums, even fun Instagram annuals.

Scenes from a Life

A little less lofty, a touch more whimsical, this book is like a poem composed of pictures. The scenes we choose to highlight provide a glimpse into a person’s soul. Get creative, be joyful, show love—most of all, have fun; this is a book your gift recipient will pull out whenever he or she wants to smile.

Milestone Books

Grandpa’s 80th birthday. Your 25th wedding anniversary. Your son’s bar mitzvah. Whatever the occasion, if it’s worth celebrating, it’s worth commemorating.

The Proposal

Your googling for “unique wedding proposal ideas” ends here. Tell the story of your courtship, celebrate the reasons you love her, or revisit the places you’ve been together so far—no matter your approach, the final page of this book asks the big question. 

P.S. It’s a safe bet your wedding album will be volume two.

Mini Milestones

Big memories showcased in tiny packages—handcrafted books on a smaller scale: Think half-birthdays, Instagram feeds, a year’s worth of selfies, leather-bound to fit in the palm of your hand. Who says family heirlooms can’t be fun?

Places in the Heart

Does your family vacation in the same cabin in Maine every year? Has your home been passed down through generations and have its own story to tell? Maybe your kids are attending the sleep-away camp you did as a child—or they’re following in your college footsteps. This book makes your favorite place the central character and gives meaning to the phrase, “If these walls could talk…”


"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page." You, dear traveler, are absorbing the world one trip at a time, discovering, experiencing, learning... Wherever your journeys take you (an African safari? The Maldives? the glaciers of Alaska?), our travel books will help you not only remember the places, but relive the moments—and 'travel' back there from the comfort of your home.

Wedding Book

Perhaps you had a destination wedding, or you thought you’d make your own wedding album. Maybe you want to convert your parents old-fashioned photo album into a more modern coffee-table edition (digital book included!). No matter the reason, if you still don’t have an heirloom-quality wedding book celebrating your special day, we’re here for you!

What’s Your Story?

You’ve got one; let us help you tell it in style. Inquire about custom options.