Additional Services

Often when going through your photos in preparation for creating a photo book, you will want to do even more with your treasured pictures. We try to simplify the process by making available to you an array of related services. If what you’re looking for isn’t listed here, don’t hesitate to ask—if we can’t accommodate you, we can likely refer you to someone amazing who can!

 photo storage boxes and other photo display ideas go beyond creating personal history books to honor lost loved ones and preserve family history

Archival Photo Boxes

Got the organization bug? Make sure to store your precious photos in archival boxes. The Legacy Boxes we sell are beautiful as well as functional, made of acid free, lignin-free materials to keep your pictures safe. The large box ($60) comes with 10 small compartments and a large envelope for larger photos on the underside of the lid and holds approximately 2,400 4x6 or 5x7 photos. A small box is available ($45) that stores approximately 1,300 4x6 or 5x7 photos. 

Framed Prints & Other Photo Display 

You loved the cover of your book so much, you want to frame it too? Whether you’re looking for a modern acrylic wall-hanging, a gallery-wrap canvas, a wooden photo box, or a framed print, we’ll optimize your image and take care of the rest. Our hand-picked vendors cater exclusively to professional photographers, so you’re guaranteed the highest quality.

Photo Restoration

Perhaps you didn’t include any images from the “B” pile in your grandfather’s tribute book but you still want them restored for posterity. From the basics—removing scratches and damaged areas, improving color, contrast, and exposure—to more extensive fixes such as recreating a missing piece of your image, we’ve got you covered. And once you have the restored digital file, it becomes your “new original” to do with what you like—share on Facebook, print for family…or include in your next book.


If you’re more the DIY type but not sure how to tackle those plastic tubs of photos lining your basement (or the 12 family devices full-to-capacity with digital files!), consider setting up a consultation and training hour. We’ll put a strategy in place for organizing your pictures and memorabilia, one that you’ll not only be able to tackle with confidence, but maintain with relative ease. Software and hardware recommendations as well as product ideas included.

Photo-Themed Parties

Looking for a unique idea for your book club or girls’ night? Modern Heirloom Books will work with you to design and host a get-together everyone will be talking about.

• One idea: Invite a group of friends with similar interests—dog lovers, hiking, cooking—for a few hours of bonding over your favorite pastime and sharing pictures and stories.

• Parents—arguably the most prolific photographers of our generation!—are drowning in pictures. Host a cocktail party and ask guests to bring a box or two (or an iPhone or two!) brimming with family photos. We’ll give everyone a quick primer on how to best manage your pictures—even help with deleting a few hundred of them—and everyone will love reminiscing over your kids’ antics. The storytelling that is prompted by sharing family photos is undoubtedly a highlight.

• Family History Night: If you’re tickled by the idea of going through family documents and photos but intimidated by the whole “genealogy” thing, take some (fun!) baby steps. Gather scattered family members, task them with bringing at least 50 old family photographs (the older the better!), and you can enjoy the memories while our team scans images for the whole family to access and share. We can discuss what you might want to focus on for the event: retouching and restoration, historical tagging of digital photos, or bringing in a genealogy expert to advise on diving deeper.

Have an idea? Let’s work together to create an engaging, fun, informative get-together! #MemoriesMatter

Contact Modern Heirloom Books about any of the services we provide, or explore options for unique gift books (our product gallery merely skims the surface of what we can create for you!).