What’s Your Story?

You are limited only by your imagination. Whether you want to tell your own life story or pay tribute to a loved one who has passed away, preserve your family history or formalize your company's legacy, we will work with you to create the book of your dreams.



Your Story

Perhaps you want us to interview you over the course of a year to elicit your memories. Or go through boxes of letters and journals to discover your stories. Maybe you’ve read about creating an ethical will. Various approaches work well. What really matters is that you want to tell your story! Your stories matter. Let us help you preserve them in a book: Start now.


Your Loved One’s Story

Maybe your grandfather’s memory is beginning to fade, and you want to capture his stories before it’s too late. Or you have recently lost a parent, and the process of remembering and honoring her legacy seems urgent—and healing. Sometimes loved ones will be flattered and eager to participate in a book; other times they may be reluctant. We can help you navigate these conversations with sensitivity. As guardian of your family’s memories, it’s up to you to get the ball rolling.


Your Family History

Stories bring your family history to life. If you want to add context and color to the boxes of dry genealogy stuff you’ve gathered over the years; if you want to preserve the documents—ship manifests, marriage records, census forms—in a way that doesn’t feel so much like “history”; and if you want to incorporate your own generation’s experiences and wisdom into your heritage—then our approach is right for you. Let's bring your genealogy to vivid life in a family history book.


Memories in the Making

Do you plan to leave a device full of thousands of images for your kids? I hope not!! Honor the memories your family is making now by preserving the moments that matter for later. We’ve got myriad ways to gather your photographs—and stories—to create books that feel modern and substantive. Explore some of our Memories-in-the-Making offerings, including milestone (and mini-milestone!) books, bespoke travel and wedding albums, even fun Instagram annuals (who says heirlooms can’t be fun?!). Tell your story as you are living it!


Your Company’s Story

While we will delve into the history of even the largest Fortune 500 company, we specialize in family-owned businesses. Preserve the story of how—and why—your family business was started. Describe the culture and values that distinguish it. Share tales of struggle and triumph so the next generation can build on your success. We are a keen partner in analyzing your company’s story and helping you extract its DNA—so your book is more than a celebration of your achievements, it’s a testament to why you work. Are you ready to start?

Let’s get started.

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