The Heirloom Original

 old family photos are a great way to prompt memory sharing about a lost loved one when collecting stories for a life tribute book

Our signature offering, this handcrafted, archival-quality book tells the story of one person. Through pictures and words, together we craft a physical tribute to an individual. Evocative, revealing, beautiful—a legacy heirloom to be treasured through generations.

Who is this right for?

The Heirloom Original is a wonderful choice for anyone who wants to pay tribute to someone special. Some ideas:

  • You have a grandparent whose wisdom inspires you, and you want to tap her stories to create a beautiful resource for your own children.
  • You have lost a family elder and want to memorialize him or her. 
  • You are the parent of a college graduate and you want to laud this rare moment when time seems suspended on the horizon: What are his dreams? Commemorate how far he has come as he sets forth on the next chapter.
  • Your daughter is engaged. Celebrate the girl she was and the woman she has become before she walks down the aisle. Or honor your own relationship with her and how it has evolved over time. Our Heirloom Original is a wedding shower gift that is as personal as it gets, destined to be cherished by the bride-to-be.
  • Your partner is retiring or has won a prestigious award. Use the milestone as an opportunity to create a tribute to her career in a high-end book befitting her achievements.

What is the process like?

The process of creating a Modern Heirloom Book is unique to every story and every individual. What’s key: You have as much—or as little—involvement during the process as you desire, and it is highly collaborative. Learn more or be in touch to set up a personal consultation and see how we can work together.

What does the final book look like?

Our hope is to make the book of your dreams. And that means offering such a wide spectrum of customization that we can’t detail it here. An array of cover options ranging from supple leathers and Japanese silks to classic linen and sleek acrylic; thick or thin pages; foil stamping; hand-sewn binding—these are basic elements always on offer. Materials, book size, and the scope of the design, though, will be specific to your subject matter and tailored to the person you are honoring or gifting to.

See an example of founder Dawn Roode's legacy book that she designed in honor of her mother for inspiration.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions for specifics about paper, covers, and other book options.

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What else makes this a signature product offering?

After the time and effort that goes into creating your heirloom book, chances are you may want multiple copies for other members of your family—or, if it was a gift, for yourself. Every book we craft is easily customizable for multiple family members: Choose different covers for each individual, change type, and add pages that make it uniquely special for every recipient.

Can you design books for other occasions?

Absolutely! Check out our full list of product offerings for ideas, but remember—whatever story you want to tell, we can bring it to life.

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