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Google’s New App: Great Way to Preserve Your Old Photos Before They Fade Away

The new Google PhotoScan app allows users to digitally capture their old family photos with ease—and without glare. While the app isn't ideal for scanning high-resolution images for use in print, it has enormous value in quickly and effectively scanning those precious boxes of old family photos you—and your extended family members—have lying around your homes. See why it's a recommended download.

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Don’t Rely on Social Media to Save Your Photo Memories.

Facebook and Instagram are wonderful platforms for sharing pictures of your family’s favorite moments (I do love such everyday history!) and capturing tidbits we might otherwise forget—but by no means should they be considered your primary photo storage. Your memories matter too much to lose them to the whims of technology. Some reasons why social media as archive is a bad idea—and a unique option for elevating your Instagram library to family heirloom.

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