Tell Your Story in One Hour & Get the Most Unique Gift Ever

old photos that make up photo story in personal history book

All it takes is 60 minutes.

Give us one hour of your time.

We’ll turn a one-hour interview into a handcrafted personal history book that preserves your memories for generations. Yes, one hour.


Have you thought about making a personal history book?

Perhaps you’re not ready to make the commitment. Or maybe you’re worried about how you’ll feel in a personal interview: Will you clam up at the questions? Do you even have stories worth sharing? How would your interview translate into an heirloom book?

Whatever your reservations, this is your opportunity to experience our process first-hand—to participate in an interview, to see how you are able to guide the process to get the personal history or tribute book you envision. To make sure you are comfortable. And to hold in your hands a miniature version of one of our heirloom coffee table books.

Chances are, you’re going to want to come back for more—to explore more of your family stories, your individual triumphs and struggles. To tell your story, and to be heard. And to be able to share a full book with your loved ones


Do you need a unique gift for a loved one who has everything?

This is THE gift.

  • the one that will spark memories, story sharing & love
  • the one they’ll always remember
  • the one we create just for you

Family stories are the greatest heirloom. When they come bound in a breathtaking damask-, leather-, or silk-covered book, they become timeless.

Now you can get a taste of our bespoke bookmaking process in just one hour, all while creating a most special, time-honored gift for your loved one.

Imagine the person you need a gift for. Picture them opening up...a most generous gift card...a piece of jewelry...a luxe cashmere sweater. Picture their warm smile, their arms extended in a thank-you hug.

Now try this: Picture them opening up a gilded-edged mystery book—it's only 5 by 5 inches square, but it's weighty, and covered in a lush antiqued leather. You see their puzzled yet intrigued look, then the joyful, uninhibited laugh as they realize the pages contain photographs and stories of their life... They are transported, touched, engaged. Their wonder is palpable.

The difference between opening a handcrafted, lovingly considered personal history book and any other gift is, well...all the world.


Get started with your One-Hour Heirloom now.

Package includes: 

  • one-hour interview with you or a family member by our professional personal historian
  • 20 photographs, retouched
  • book editing & design
  • one round of revisions
  • a petite heirloom book
  • boutique packaging for exquisite gift presentation


Depending upon the style of book you choose, you may be able to add (for an additional fee):

  • front cover debossing
  • inside-back-cover foil stamping
  • black, gold, or silver page gilding
  • matching sheath or clamshell box
  • additional images (including digitization & retouching of old photos)
heirloom book with Japanese silk cover from Modern Heirloom Books

Wonderful things really do come in small packages.

The miniature heirloom books featured in our One-Hour Heirloom offering measure just 6-by-9 inches (portrait) or 6-by-6 inches (square). The rich materials are elegant yet unexpected in such a small book, making the final gift all the more of a statement.

It’s what’s inside these beautiful books, of course, that makes them a truly unprecedented gift: your or your loved one’s memories, shaped into stories worth revisiting again and again.


Let’s do it!