Your Search for “Unique Bridal Shower Gifts from the Parents” Ends Here

What did you feel when your daughter announced that she was engaged? Pride, astonishment, an overflow of emotions? Tears of joy? You’re not alone.

And while registering at Crate & Barrel and Bloomingdale’s followed by an at-home champagne toast is a memorable (if exhausting) outing, why not consider a wedding shower gift that will truly move her: our signature “Dear Daughter, on Your Wedding Day,” an heirloom book honoring the girl she was—the one you nurtured and watched blossom—and the woman she has become.

During your daughter’s engagement period, it’s inevitable that you’ll both be reflecting on her journey. Let yourself relish the memories. Pull out those old boxes of photos, the family albums, her baby book. Remember what she was like as a precocious toddler, an awkward tween, a graceful graduate. What characteristics did she inherit from you? What surprised you about her choices over the years?


Designing a Book in Honor of Your Daughter for Her Wedding Shower

Modern Heirloom Books can help you stitch the memories and observations together into a cohesive and emotional narrative. Together we will identify the most evocative pictures and prepare them for print. We’ll even help you identify gaps in the visual storyline and come up with creative ways to fill them in—sending your daughter’s bronzed baby shoes or old lovey to a professional photographer for inclusion in the book, for instance. Or helping you stage your own shots of framed images on your mantel or, say…her favorite comfort food!

We can help you style a photo shoot for your daughter's childhood memorabilia to include in your book.

Maybe we plan a “secret” get-together with a photographer and your daughter’s siblings and closest friends to take their portraits and record their favorite memories of your daughter as a child.

We’ll select a book style based on your daughter’s personality: Perhaps a Victorian damask fabric cover encased in a matching sheath box for your romantic girl, or a luxurious velvet-covered book with silver foil stamping for your traditional child. An array of rich leathers, Japanese silks, textured fabrics, and other unique design options offers something for every bride-to-be.

So before your daughter walks down the aisle, and before you get caught up in the storm of wedding favors and seating charts, why not embark upon a nostalgic journey that ends with a perfect wedding shower gift from the parents? (It’s an especially touching gift when crafted by a Daddy for his all-grown-up girl!)



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