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“I do not understand how memory works, I say, how we think we remember things that never happened and how we can forget the things that have. I want to know what I would find if I unspooled my memories and laid them out against my mother’s and my grandmother’s. I imagine the textures and seams of our competing recollections; I imagine them synthesizing to form a richer whole.”
—Crystal Hana Kim

1st Grade Twins on Swings, 1963. Photograph by Yale Joel for LIFE magazine. ©Time Inc.

1st Grade Twins on Swings, 1963. Photograph by Yale Joel for LIFE magazine. ©Time Inc.

First Person Reads

“When I wanted to have a family just like everyone else’s I could slide into a booth at Pizza Hut and in the darkly lit restaurant my odd family could almost pass for a mom and a dad and two kids, and maybe even American ones, as long as we whispered,” writes Naz Riahi in this delicious read.

“He ran his hands through his hair inspecting just like he had inspected my sewing at age seven, my planting at age twelve, and my oil change at age fifteen,” writes Yollotl Lopez in her tribute to eight years of hair cutting—and loving ritual—with her father.

In “The Proposal and the Purse,” personal historian Deborah Wilbrink relays scenes from an almost-relationship. Her first-person vignette, hosted on Sarah White’s True Stories Well Told site, is indicative of the type of writing Sarah teaches in her flash memoir classes.

Remembrance, Reminiscence & Legacy

“Unless people intentionally take the time to ask questions, we often don’t get to hear the stories of our elders,” says Rabbi Susan Goldberg, who designates Hanukkah as an optimal time to ask those questions.

For the first time, there were no survivors of the USS Arizona at the annual ceremonies marking the December 7, 1941, attack on Pearl Harbor. “It wasn't the pages of a book—it was your life. It was your mother, your brother. It was your house going up in flames in bombings.” Memories that survivors have carried for so long live on in oral histories.

In my latest post I share thoughts from the 2018 International Reminiscence & Life Review Conference including compelling anecdotal evidence on the value of reminiscence work, research challenges, and the shifting nature of autobiographical memory.

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Short Takes

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Happy 1st of December guys🤗 I still can’t believe that this year is almost over but let’s start this month with a review of one of my favourite November reads! . Memoirs are always a step away from being too depressing or too “good to be true” but Kalpana Mohan’s Daddykins is one of the wittiest and heartwarming memoirs I’ve ever read. . She takes a trip down the memory lane, piecing together her father’s youth years in a small village in Kerela, his marriage, his job in Madras city; all against the backdrop of a newly independent India. Daddykins has a lot of wonderful memories to share with us and each leaving us with life lessons and a big smile on our faces. . She does not shy away from talking about her father’s struggles, his flaws or his emotional side, his changing political views or a little rigid traditional side. Kalpana Mohan has beautifully captured everything about his father, from beginning till the end, in this touching memoir and being a daughter myself, it means so much to me! . Brilliant, humorous and so intimate, one of my favourite nonfiction reads this year! I give it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.5/5 #frenchflapsreviews18 . What was the last book that left you all emotional? - Apurva PS. Thank you so much @bloomsburyindia for sending a copy! Loved it so much❤️ #daddykinsbook #kalpanamohan #memoir #nonfiction #nonfictionbooks #nonfictionnovember #epicreads #readmorebooks #whitebooks #unitedbookstagram #coffeeandbooks #coffeelover #coffeegram #flatlay #flatlayforever #newspaper #bookphoto #bookphotography #bookfeaturepage #readingtime #met_createchange #igreads #lovebooks #booklover #bookreview #bookrecommendations #bookrecommendation #cozyreading

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