The Ultimate Wedding Day Groom Gift

Searching for a meaningful groom gift for your wedding day? An heirloom books is meaningful and unique.

Bound with Love

Decided to exchange presents on the day of your wedding but now wondering what the heck could possibly live up to your love for your soon-to-be spouse?

Go above and beyond the go-to watch gift with a one-of-a-kind heirloom book that spells out your love—and gratitude—for your groom.

We have taken the idea of a meaningful groom gift to new heights with this luxury book offering. Through a 90-minute in-person interview, I will help you find the words and sentiments to shape your love story, then craft an elegant extended letter to your groom. Your words, your photos, elevated into a gift destined to become your first family heirloom.

A book telling the story of your love makes a unique and meaningful gift for the groom on your wedding day.

“To My Love”

Designed with your style in mind and finished with the most exquisite materials, this is the ultimate gift for the one you love—guaranteed to make him feel connected to you on this momentous occasion. (Oh, and did we mention that the big reveal will make for some of the most emotionally beautiful wedding day photos, too?!).

Whether you are an over-the-top emoter or a reserved bride unsure how to express your feelings, we will help you craft your words to best express your joy and gratitude for this next chapter of your life—and for the man you have chosen to share it with.

Your wedding day is once-in-a-lifetime, the start of the next chapter of your lives together—so why not set the tone early with a gift that is as personal as it gets?


Groom Gift Details

Modern Heirloom Books’ “To My Groom” offering:

  • is the most personal wedding day gift you could give.

  • combines photos from your lives together—even a handful of childhood photos of you both—with the words you would like to say.

  • is the best way to express all that you feel, from gratitude and joy to love and awe, from the littlest things you love about him (that his socks almost always make it into the laundry bin?) to the most profound (that he was willing to move across the globe for your job!).

  • sets a thoughtful tone for your special day.

  • ensures your wedding day gift exchange photos will be beyond compare!

  • is destined to become your first family heirloom.

Time frame:

Depending upon the book materials you choose, the process could take from one to three months to complete. Don’t worry, though—your time commitment is minimal (one 90-minute interview plus an hour or so gathering photos). Rush orders available (fee applies).

Wedding planning is hectic and time-consuming; creating this gift for your groom is sure to be an enjoyable respite from the chaos—and will remind you of why you have chosen this path in the first place!

a book that tells the story of how you met is a thoughtful wedding day gift for the groom

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Of course this book can be created for anyone! From bride to groom, groom to groom—from you to the partner whom you adore. I am an open-hearted listener adept at helping clients get to the essence of their feelings—and expressing them beautifully. Who do you love?