60 Minutes: More than Just an Interview

Today we add a new product into the mix: The One-Hour Heirloom. Described in more detail here, this new offering is essentially a great way for you to sample our services before you are ready to commit to a full-length book. The best part? You walk away with a beautiful—miniature—heirloom after a mere 60-minute interview.

life story interview in an hour

We thought we’d spark your imagination with some inspired ideas for The One-Hour Heirloom. We’ve got five ideas if you want to tell your own stories, and five ideas for honoring a loved one during your interview. Remember: You can tell any story you want!

Ideas to Explore in Your Own One-Hour Interview

If you were doing a full-length book, we would conduct multiple interviews with you over a period of time. For The One-Hour Heirloom, though, it’s best to focus on one topic or period of time so we can delve deep into your memories, extract meaning, and create a storyline that resonates—making the most of our 60 minutes together.

Some ideas for a mini-book from your point of view:

1  Childhood Memories

You may want to hone in on that one summer you spent at your grandparents’ lake house, or reminisce about the impact of a few years at the same sleep-away camp. Maybe you think back to your favorite childhood books; how you wiled away rainy afternoons, or how you sought adventure in the days before “play dates” existed. Did you have a best friend? A dream?


2  Becoming a Parent

You may have a baby book, with your child’s footprints and milestones carefully recorded for posterity. But what of the stories from those days? If you’re anything like me, you wanted to remember every precious moment—but didn’t find time to keep a journal. Why not reflect on the gift of parenthood now, with the benefit of hindsight and the gift of gratitude? Let’s do something special with those baby pictures—let’s give them context, and put them in a book.


3  The College Years

For many of us, our years as a college student were a time of self-discovery, of exploration. Of infinite possibility. And then...the real world set in quickly. Chances are your children never think of you through the lens of “student”—or, perhaps, “protestor,” “free spirit,” “undeclared major.” Take a trip back to your university days, and explore the lessons you learned, the paths you considered taking but chose not to (why?), the deep friendships made. Reflect on those four (or two, or seven) years, and bring to life a part of yourself you haven’t thought of in a while. 


4  The Decision

Was there a moment in your life you chose a particular path quite consciously? A path that led you in a direction you hadn’t dreamed of before? A decision to...get married...get divorced...change careers...adopt a baby? Maybe it was a seemingly insignificant decision that led to bigger things...learning to cook...saying “no.” Let’s turn a spotlight on that time, and tell the story of how your decision changed things—how it changed you.


5  Military Service

Can the simple act of storytelling help veterans heal? More and more evidence is proving this to be true. And yet, so many veterans remain silent; have not yet made sense of the war experience by shaping and sharing their stories. If you are ready to remember—and to tell—your stories, this could be a first step: An empathetic and willing listener, and a chance to try talking about something worth remembering, but often willfully forgotten.

Ideas for Honoring a Loved One with a One-Hour Interview

If creating the ultimate gift for a relative’s milestone birthday or anniversary is your goal, here are a few ideas for creating a memorable mini-book in just one hour:

1  Tribute to a Lost Loved One

Our longer legacy books explore and celebrate the life on an individual in depth, but it’s possible to honor your loved one’s memory in a much more concise yet thoughtful way. Bring along 20 images of the person that hold meaning to you: We’ll ask you to talk about the memories they spark, to remember and to feel and to share stories. Through conversation we’ll elicit the heart of the person, and focus on creating a book that depicts your relationship with them, and the impact they had on you.

This is a most personal way to pay tribute, and makes a beautiful gift for oneself or for another family member. Your miniature heirloom will be overflowing with meaning, a book you will turn to again and again in remembrance.


2  From Mother to Daughter

Or: From Son to Father. From Father to Son. No matter the relationship, as long as it’s a special one. Take advantage of our 60-minute interview to tell your loved one how you feel. Remember good times shared. Offer the compliments you’re usually too shy to vocalize. Share wisdom, favorite moments, dreams for the future. We’ll help you articulate your feelings, and your voice will come through on the page. You don’t need an excuse to create this heartfelt gift; you just need an hour.


3  Life Is an Adventure

When you’re in the midst of living your own grand adventure, it’s the rare soul who takes the time to sit back and reflect upon the journey. Let’s explore the places you’ve traveled, the wild things you did in your youth (or last month!). Create a book that brings to vivid life, through words and photographs, your thirst for life—and then pass it on to the next generation.


4  How We Met

Tell the story of how you met your significant other—even if it’s family lore by now, we’re willing to bet you haven’t captured it for posterity in print yet, right? A thoughtful gift for your spouse or for your children who have modeled their own relationships after yours!


5  Reflections on Life’s Meaning

Are you an armchair philosopher? Or simply at that stage of life where everything takes on a new, grander significance? What would you have told your 20-year-old self? Think big for this one: Set down your values, your ideas about the meaning of your life, and what you'd like your legacy to be. What better gift for a young grandchild than their own grandparent's wisdom, written from the heart, with them in mind?

Your One-Hour Heirloom can include up to 20 images. A mix of old black-and-white photographs, modern shots that evoke your story, and letters (how wonderful to show someone's handwriting!) make for a dynamic design.

Your One-Hour Heirloom can include up to 20 images. A mix of old black-and-white photographs, modern shots that evoke your story, and letters (how wonderful to show someone's handwriting!) make for a dynamic design.

These 10 ideas are the tip of the proverbial iceberg. What stories would you like to tell? 

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