Special Ideas for Special Moms: More Unique Mother's Day Book Ideas

Last week we shared five ideas for creating the most special gifts for Mother's Day, including

  • a book of food memories and family recipes;

  • a book collecting letters and notes from loved ones telling mom (or Grandma!) how much she is appreciated;

  • and a photo-driven book that goes well beyond #ThrowbackThursday to capture and preserve those special moments throughout the year that, all together, make up the stories of your life.

Now we present a few ideas geared specifically to three distinct parent groups: expecting moms, moms of multiples, and adoptive mothers.

While any woman would no doubt appreciate whichever book you had customized with her in mind, these ideas hone in on their particular experiences, and just may be the most unique gift ideas for Mother's Day around. 

memory book about pregnancy unique mothers day gift for expecting mothers

For Pregnant Moms: The First Nine Months Book

Parents are diligent about recording baby's milestones, from that first word spoken to those first tentative steps taken. What about the first kick inside mom's belly? Or the mom-to-be's craziest craving? More importantly, what about all the hopes and dreams parents begin to have the moment their baby is conceived? Give voice to the dreams you hold for your child, the vision you have for your burgeoning family, for the parents you'd like to be.

To tell her unique pregnancy story, we'll conduct brief interviews throughout mom's pregnancy, and provide easy-to-answer questions for which she and dad can jot down answers, even record quick sound bites on their smart phone while on the go. We make it easy for the prospective parents to record their pregnancy journey.

This one's a gift for the mother, no doubt—she'll cherish the time she sets aside to ponder her baby!—but it's as much a future gift for your child. Just imagine: In addition to the traditional baby book, your child will have mom's memories of a time when the possibilities were endless—and love was brand new. Make her FIRST Mother's Day one to remember.

custom memory books make most unique mothers day gift idea for mothers of twins and multiples

For Moms of Multiples: Twice Upon a Time 

Or thrice upon a time. Whether the special woman in your life is a mother of twins, triplets, quadruplets, or more (!), her memory books will overflow with love.

Because all our books are completely customized, we work with parents to create just the right books. No need to search for a baby memory book that includes only the things you want in the style you want (an impossible task, to be sure!). 

Perhaps you'd like one book that celebrates your kids' togetherness, likenesses, and adventures alongside sections that call out each child's unique nature and personality. We've got you covered. Or maybe you'd like a three-volume set for your triplets, consisting of three slim books, one for each child, beautifully presented in a slipcase.

A photo-driven book comes to life when we include excerpts from an interview with the parents—or even letters you have written to your babies, bits of advice or wisdom you think of while nursing them or watching them sleep. Set up a free consultation to share how you envision your multiples' memory book—and let us help you make it a reality.


preserving adoption story in a legacy book is most unique mothers day gift for adoptive mothers

For Adoptive Mothers: Adoption Story Book

As an adult adoptee, I find myself wanting to hear my adoption story just one more time—although it is more like a million more times. Hearing it was simply never enough. I wanted to have something I could visually remember, or an experience that I could always look back on. I wanted to flip page after page and see how two people, once strangers, took a leap of faith to adopt me and became my heroes. They are my parents. I want to remember...

Written by Jessenia Arias on Adoption.net, those words resonate deeply, and bring home to many just how important preserving one's adoption story is, both for the children and for the family as a whole.

In addition to the memories and photos from the parents' journey, spiritual and physical, we'll include a visual timeline, a map for international adoptions, excerpts from journals or diaries kept during the often long process of adopting a child.

This is a book that can be undertaken at the inception of the adoption process, in which case we'll provide worksheets for keeping meaningful notes and dates, and suggest what types of photos and memorabilia might be most appreciated down the road. Or it can be completed years after a child has become part of your family—while piecing together the timeline and accessing some of the more raw memories may be challenging, you'll have the added perspective wrought by time.

Preserving adoption stories is important in helping foster connections and understanding between adopted children and parents. Flipping through the pages of a book—a book that shows just how valued, how wanted, and how special the adopted children are—is a helpful conversation starter when children reach an age of questioning, of searching for identity. Most of all, the adoption story is a gift to every member of the family, one that documents and celebrates the biggest gift of all.

P.S. This is an auspicious Father's Day gift, too, and it's never too soon to reach out to get the ball rolling!