The Best Mother's Day Gift Ever: Memories

Moms want memories. Why not give her what she wants this year?

At Modern Heirloom Books, we're all about preserving your most precious family memories in the most grand style. From a family history book to a tribute book in honor of a deceased loved one, our heirloom books make the most unique gifts. 

To get you started thinking about the best Mother's Day gift for your mom, we've put together five ideas for Mother's Day books. Choose one of these to make you the hero this Mother's Day, or be inspired to create your own idea for a tribute book for the most special woman in your life.

a memory book with recipes and food memories is a unique mother's day gift idea

1  Taste of the Past: Family Recipe Book

Here's one of our most straightforward book ideas! Handwritten recipes passed down through generations, plus stories of family meals, celebrations, and treats, artfully packaged for a truly sweet gift. The tastes and aromas of our favorite foods stir the memory, and provide an excellent jumping-off point for sharing family stories.

Don't worry, you don't have to do the legwork: Buy your mom (or another beloved mother in your life!) a gift certificate, and we'll lovingly package a beribboned wooden spoon with our Recipe for a Successful Mother's Day.

write letters to mom for a unique tribute book idea for mother's day gift

2  Love Letters: Tribute Book to Mom

Let’s get letters­­—written by hand, not via text­­—with notes both funny and poignant addressed to Mom. We will craft a mini­-tribute in honor of the holiday, or spend considerable time perusing old journals and letters to flesh out a more substantive story.

This book is a wonderful option for large or scattered families, and can be put together more quickly than some—so for you last-minute holiday shoppers out there, get on it!

restore your parents old wedding album into a modern wedding book for mother's day

3  Wedding Book Redux

Is your parents’ wedding album dated or damaged? It’s almost certainly not digital. We’ll scan, restore, and color correct their wedding images, then design a modern coffee table book with a digital companion for posterity. Turning your parents' fading wedding album into an archival heirloom book—now that's a Mother's Day idea we bet you hadn't thought of yet.

interview grandmother to preserve her life story before its too late mother's day

4  Conversations with Grandma

One of the saddest sentences I know is, “I wish I had asked my mother about that.” We’ll conduct the interviews (a perfect idea for a grandmother!), gather memorabilia, and find the narrative thread that resonates. The resulting book promises to be beyond your dreams.

For this Mother's Day gift idea, we suggest you get Mom a gift certificate that will get her started on the journey of sharing her stories. Because honestly, it's that journey that your mother will enjoy as much as the final book: Sharing stories and memories can be wonderfully gratifying, and often healing.

If you're not sure if the special woman in your life will like the idea of sitting down for interviews about her private memories, consider our One-Hour Heirloom, which allows her to test the waters (just one 60-minute interview yields a meaningful heirloom book). If she loves it, we can broaden the project's scope and schedule more story gathering sessions. If she finds it's simply not for her, she'll still have a lovely book to revisit again and again (and pass on to the next generation one day).

share old throwback thursday family photos in a book to preserve family memories for mother's day gift

5  Beyond #ThrowbackThursday

Why let all those amazing #TT photos flounder on social media? The flood of “likes” are gratifying, but they lack permanence. A series of nostalgic pictures will be a brag book for the ages, especially for the grandmothers on your list. Check out this Instagram book we did for one New York City mom for inspiration, or gather a random array of old photographs that have been sitting in drawers and boxes for far too long. Honor your photographs and memories of motherhood by preserving them this Mother's Day!

How to get your Mother's Day gift from Modern Heirloom Books

Mother's Day this year falls on Sunday, May 14, 2017.

If you are interested in preparing a book that you can actually gift to your mother, grandmother, or other special mom in your life on that day, it's crucial that you contact us now to get the ball rolling. While we can work fairly quickly, all of our books are handcrafted and take time to create.

A gift certificate with details about the project can be elegantly packaged for a Mother's Day gift that holds the promise of even more to come.

  1. Call our founder Dawn Roode at 917-922-7415 to discuss what Mother's Day gift book option you are interested in, learn about next steps, or to purchase a gift certificate now.

  2. Email Dawn at with your questions, time frame, or ideas.

We look forward to helping you celebrate the special mothers in your life!


Up Next: Special Ideas for Special Moms

In addition to the ideas above, which may be appropriate for a wide spectrum of mothers, we've also come up with a few ideas for particular women in your life—adoptive mothers, moms-to-be, and moms of twins. Stay tuned for those in next week's blog post, or give us a call at 917-922-7415 to see how we can work together now! Why wait?