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60 Minutes: More than Just an Interview

The One-Hour Heirloom is a great way for you to sample our services before you are ready to commit to a full-length personal history book. We create your beautiful—miniature—heirloom after one 60-minute interview. Here, ideas for telling your own stories, and ideas for honoring a loved one.

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What You Can Learn from Gloria Vanderbilt & Anderson Cooper

You might be surprised to learn what Anderson Cooper calls “the most valuable year of my life.” It's the period when he and his mother Gloria Vanderbilt maintained an email correspondence that delved deep—into the feelings they had previously not spoken about, and into their experiences both shared and wholly individual. The back-and-forth format of questions and stories is engaging, and most meaningful in its sense of discovery, of a grown man coming to know his mother in wonderful new ways. Why not be inspired to follow in their conversational footsteps? 

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Choose Your Own Adventure—Then Tell It.

When you read memoirs—or even binge-watch reality TV—the stories you are witness to often seem larger than life. How can my little life compare?, you might think. I have nothing remarkable to say. Oh, but you do. Every choice you make, each person you encounter, adds to the texture and direction of your life. You are creating your own narrative. You’ve got reasons why you AREN’T telling your story. I’ve got reasons why you SHOULD.

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